Moving to France 
is a beautiful experience, but the paperwork might not be. Allow 
a professional to help, so you 
can fully enjoy the good parts.   

Keys to France is an all-inclusive service to open the doors to your dream, living in France. Whether you are moving here for professional or personal reasons, Keys to France is here to make your transition as smooth as possible. Keys to France is built on years of personal experience and an educational background in International Law. Keys to France is catered to each case. Keys to France is here to answer every question and concern you may have during this stressful process. Keys to France was established as a result of endless nights of visa research with no answers and unwavering hope for the next visa. Now knowing the French expat life from the inside out, I can help friends and family daily with any immigration questions they have and I hope to do the same for you. I am here to make your life easier and be the hotline I wish I had. 

Supplying Services For:

Expats moving to France or already in France looking for the right visa, job, university, or language program to make their expat life easier. 


> Work Permits

> Job Search as an Expat


> Student Visas (+APS)

> Universities for Expats

> Citizenship Applications 


> Family Visa

> Talent Visa

Keys to France guarantees an all inclusive service experience.


The below services are additionally added when needed:

  • Accompany you to immigration appointments

  • Make immigration phone calls  

  • Write emails or letters for immigration purposes

  • Obtain a visa appointment for you - depending on your prefecture, this process is time consuming and tedious as they post appointments irregularly